Behemoth – Rome 64 Ce tab ver. 2

Hey guys, this is the little intro Behemoth made for their 2007 album “The Apostasy”. It 
doesn’t really follow a structure such as "verse-chorus…" like most of the songs and 
that’s why the tab looks so little and simple.

 Intro(No guitar)

Main riff(Play 6 times) B|-------------------------------|F#|-------------------------------| D|----------------------7-5--5-5-| A|-9--9-7-10--10-7-9--9-5-3--3-3-| E|-7--7-5-8---8--5-7--7----------| B|-------------------------------|PM . . . . .
B|-------------------------------|F#|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| A|-9--9-7-10--10-7-9--9-6-8--8-8-| E|-7--7-5-8---8--5-7--7-4-6--6-6-| B|-------------------------------|PM . . . . .
Outro/Ending B|-------------------------------------|F#|-------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------| A|-2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-| E|-2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-| B|-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-|
That’s it, pretty simple track yet a great one. Please rate the tab and comments are welcome! Stay metal \m/
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