Beirut – Canals Of Our City tab

This is a quite simple but great song. For the exact strumming pattern listen to it, it 
not hard to figure out.

Standard tuning. Capo on 5th fret.
All chords relevant to capo.

"Walls...." "...sea..." D (listen 2 song for rhythm) Am Am7 down* up down up (repeat 3 or 4 tms)----2---------------------------------0-----0-----0-----0---------|----3---------------------------------1-----1-----1-----1---------|----2---------------------------------2-----0-----0-----0---------|----0---------------------------------2-----2-----2-----2---------|----x---------------------------------x-----x-----x-----x---------|----x---------------------------------x-----x-----x-----x---------|
*hold it a bit And that's it, through the whole song. Just use your imagination and listen to the song do it 100 per cent correct, but it's basically these three chords. For all those wind instruments in the back, just try a bit the B and the higher E coming from the chords. It is not too complicated, either. Write me if there is something that you need to tell me. Peace.
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