Bell X1 - Bad Skin Day tab

its pretty accurate as far as i can make out


Chourus: (Far from me...)
Lyrics... When I wake in the morning Of a bad skin day And I can't face my lover On a bad skin day Am I this alone? Volcano has erupted And the ash sails down And I'm a poor soul of Pompeii Oh Christ I'm such a drama queen On a bad skin day And you're far from me You're all far from me Right where I want you to be Far from me I could've got a job I could've been a contender, when I never… But the streak is only so long They're all different shades Of the same song There's a wind in these sails, feels like I'm always waiting… For the gold in them there hills, feels like I'm never… Them there hills And they're far from me Someday we'll all wear a crown Far from me Someday we'll be the fairest of them all So far from me Someday we'll have an Open top bus parade For from me Someday we'll do the Sorry sorry charade It feels like we're always waiting It feels like we're never leading
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