Belle And Sebastian – It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career tab

I noticed that there wasn't a great version on here, so I'll attempt to make one: Capo 4th

          C/G                 Am
He had a stroke at the age of 24
               F7m             C
It could have been a brilliant career
C - C/B - Am          Em            F
Painting lines in a school that was too well known
         Am            Em             F
Painting lines with a friend that had gone before
     F                  G
She challenged everyone to a fight
        F         C         G
But the prefects all backed down
         F       C      G
And they ran her out of town
          F          C         G
Cause she drank and swore and spoke
       F          C               D  
Out of turn, she was the village joke

Repeat as necessary and enjoy!
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