Belle And Sebastian - Seymour Stein tab


           DM7    xxx222
           B7sus2 x24222
           Em6    022020

G  D    DM7    G    D    DM7
Seymour Stein  Iíve been lonely
           G          Bm        F#m
I caught a glimpse of someoneís face
       G        D        B7sus2
It was mine and Iíd been crying
G      D     DM7
Half a world away
G      D     DM7
Ticket for a plane
G      Bm      F#m
Record company man
  G        D         B7sus2
I wonít be coming to dinner
   G            D    B7sus2
My thoughts are far away
    G       D       B7sus2
Iím working on that day
G     D       B7sus2
North country girl
I think sheís going to stay
A           Bm    A           G
Promises of fame, promises of fortune
A         Bm            A             G
LA to New York, San Francisco back to Boston
G                DM7
Has he ever seen Dundee?
G               DM7 
Wonít he hire a limousine?
G                        Em6                        
Seymour send her back to me


  G     D           B7sus2
I heard dinner went well
    G     D       B7sus2
You liked Chrisís jacket 
     G      Bm     F#m
He reminded you of Johnny
  G       D        B7sus2
Before he went electronic
G  D    B7sus2 G     D B7sus2
Seymour Stein- sorry I missed you
G      Bm          F#m
Have a nice flight home
      G    D       B7sus2
Its a good day for flying
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