Belle And Sebastian – For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea tab

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Artist: Belle & Sebastian
 Album: The Life Pursuit
  Song: For the Price of a Cup of Tea

Tabbed by: Swoosta (Paul Reed)

Ab = xx1113 or xx6544
Bb = xx3331
C  = 032010 or xx5553
Eb = xx5343

Fsus4 = xx3311
F     = xx3211
Gm    = xx5333


Bb Eb Bb Eb

        Bb                    Eb
For the price of a cup of tea ...

                    Bb   Eb
You'd get a line of coke ...

        Bb                       Eb
For the price of a night with me ...

                          Ab  Fsus4  F                        
You'd be the village joke ... ...... ...

        Bb                      Eb
For the price of a pint of milk ...

                    Bb   Eb
I'll tell you all I know ...

          Bb                       Eb
About the state of the world today ...

                         Ab  Fsus4  F                        
Sit down, enjoy the show ... ...... ...

Bb              Eb
She had several hours to find a place to stay

Bb                   Eb
Try the coffee shop, but somewhere on the way

F                 Eb
She heard about a place, somewhere she could go 

F                          C
Walked a couple of blocks to her destination

        Bb                    Eb
For the price of a cup of tea ...

                  Bb     Eb
You'd get a seven inches ...

           Bb                       Eb
Soul black vinyl to stop your tears ...

You can use my stereo

You might be the village joke but 

Fsus4               F
Don't listen to the gossip of the other folk

Bb Eb Bb Eb

Bb                                    Eb
She just wants to be accepted in this place 

There's something in her face ...

She will always seem exotic and aloof

If you want to know the truth ...

Her friend the stars dripping from the jewelled sky

When she was passing by ...

Would keep her calm 

There was people that she knew, at least she thought she did

Be easy on the kid!

Gm                  C
She took her winter coat from her plastic wrapper

Bb              Eb
Pushed back her fringe, see her birthmark

Bb                     F
She can finally be the person she wanted to be

(Bb Eb) x 8 , Bb
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