Belle And Sebastian - Calculating Bimbo chords version 1

Calculating Bimbo

Capo on 1st

I couldn't figure out the second solo, but starts in the D like the intro, then 
goes to Am that I couldn't figure.

intro: D E||-----------2-----------2--|-----------2--------------|B||-----3-----------3--------|-----3-----------3--------|G||--------2-----------2-----|--------2-----------2-----|D||--0-----------------------|--------------------------|A||--------------------------|--------------------------|E||--------------------------|--------------------------|
G -----------3-----------3--|-----------3--------------|-----3-----------3--------|-----3-----------3--------|--------4-----------4-----|--------4-----------4-----|--------------------------|--------------------------|--2-----------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
A G D-----------5--------------|-----------3--------------|------------------------||-----5-----------5--------|-----3-----------3--------|------------------------||--------6-----------6--L--|--------4-----------4--L--|--4--2--0--2------------||--------------------------|--------------------------|------------------------||--4-----------------------|--2-----------------------|------------------------||--------------------------|--------------------------|------------------------||
D A lack of understanding
EmYou took for being lazy
BmI was just being lazy
A AI'm even doing it now
GI know that you have saved me
D G D G I love that you have saved me
DSave your pennies careful
EmLet both blue eyes be watchful
BmIt's best to forget freedom
A AIt's best to be enslaved
GIt's better still to love first
D G D GIt's harder still to love first
[Bridge]: D Am G D
(D) AmYou're my winter queen that disappeared
Your hands grew cold
G DYou ran a mile from my wings(?)
AmI still heard you had a ? ? view
With lots of time
G BmAnd notebook full of the finest, creamy, rich girl parchment pages
ASlowly filled with all your passing days
G D G D GEvery sacred word paints a picture
DBigger were his muscles
Emsaying father going ?
BmBut when you are in trouble
AAnd when you are uptight
GI get the midnight phone call
D G D GI'm your captain for the long haul
Solo: D Em Bm G
BmIf someone else is near me
GYou scuttle up the pavement
DIt's no one that I care for
AI pause for an effect
GYou calculating bimbo
D GI wish you'd let the past go
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