Belle And Sebastian - I Can See Your Future chords

A, E, B

E I saw you around
F#mWhen you were young and free
AHow did I know
C#mTry but I can't remember
BHow it began (back in the day)
F#Was there a plan? (follow my way)
AI'm living in the past
EYou're making history
EThe road into town
F#mThat's when it came to me
AI'm not alone
C#mI felt the world stop turning
BStop in your tracks (where could I go?)
F#Cover my back (let yourself show)
AI took the long way home
EI feel a blistering
A, E, B
D#m C#m Listen up we'll make a deal
BAnd I'll tell you what I see
D#m A And when the second hand
BHits the morning
G# C#mYou will hear me calling
A G#Come to me, come to me
E, A, E, C#m B, F#, C#m, E
EDon't leave me behind
F#mStuck in a memory
ACaught in a lie
C#mSomething that once you told me
BFortune or fame
F#Please don't be late
A EWatching the world will fall in the sand
A, E, B, C#m Forward's the only way to go You catch me up I'll take it slow I can see your future, there's nobody around
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