Belle And Sebastian – I Didnt See It Coming chords

Standard Tuning
No Capo (unless you play the camerawalls cover, which is in D, meaning capo 2)

Great song, really simple. [Stuart (live)/Chris (in the video)] is playing some next 
level chords on piano, like major ninths and other randomness, but if you play these chords 
its fine.
Obviously listen to the song first.

C FMake me dance, I want to surrender
C GYour familiar arms, I remember
C FWe've been going transcontinental
C GGot no car, we just take a rental
F CBut we don't have the money
Dm Am(money makes the wheels and the world go round)
F C F GForget about it, honey
Next verse, same chords: Make me dance, I want to surrender Your familiar arms, I remember Everybody's talking about you Every word's a whisper without you But we don't have the money (money makes the wheels and the world go round) Forget about it, honey Trouble's never far away when you're around Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F
Am Am/GI didn't see it coming
Am/F# Am/FI'm just not in the running
C FTake me on a train 'cos I'm not flying
Am GI can see the world from a different side
FRead about us in the morning papers
GWhen we make it alive
Then C, F, C, G etc. till end :) And we don't need a lifetime (Make Me Dance I Want To Surrender) We're following the right line
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