Belle And Sebastian – Suicide Girl chords

		     Suicide Girl - Belle & Sebastian
Tabbed by: Robert McMillan
Email: mcmillan(underscore)ra(at)

Tuning: Standard

This is almost certainly wrong. I'm not that sure about the Em7 at the end of the 
verses. Any corrections welcome.

   D       A       Em7     G

e|-2-----|-0-----|-0-----|-------|B|---3---|---2---|---3-0-|-------| X 2G|-----2-|-----2-|-------|-0-----|D|-------|-------|-------|-------|A|-------|-------|-------|-------|E|-------|-------|-------|-------|
Verse =====
D AMy friend, She wants,
Em7 GTo be a suicide girl.
D AI'll take her picture,
Em7For the whole wide world.
G DI've known her for a long time,
G DYou could say that I'm a fan,
G F#m A7But I always thought that I would be her man.
Verse =====
D AMy friend, she wants,
Em7 Gto be a girl of suicide
D AShe wants, an outlet,
Em7 Gfor her radical side
G DI know that she is special
G DI can see what she has got
G F#mBut what I have loved and guarded close
Bm Em7 She’ll take and to the world expose
G A7She gives it all away
Bridge ====== D A Em7 G D A Em7 G G D G D G F#m A7 Repeat Intro here. Verse =====
D AMy friend, she sometimes,
Em7 Ggets anxiety and stress.
D A Em7 GShe got, a manual from the N.H.S.
G DShe proclaimed a week of sadness,
G DShe's abstained from telling jokes
G F#mThe world would see a poet emerge
Bm Em7A butterfly to empathy
G DI know that I could do it
G DI’m into light, I’m into shade
G F#mBut let’s face the facts we ain’t going back
Bm Em7 GWhen she takes off her clothes we’ll never be the same again
A7 D
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