Belle And Sebastian - I Know Where The Summer Goes chords

F, Bbsus2 (112211) x4 for intro.

F Bbsus2 FI know where the summer goes, when you're having no fun,
Bbsus2 when you're under the the thumb,
F Bbsus2 FI know where the summer dwells, when your underarm smells,
Bbsus2 C Bb Am Gm and your kitchen looks like hell...
F Bbsus2 FI know where the summer goes, if you're scraping a pot,
Bbsus2and your head is hot,
F Bbsus2Put your head down, put your thumbs up girl
F Bbsus2 CWith the smell of hot desk, and the glitter of your step,
Bb Am Gm He was right, he was right -
Bb F BbHe's the guru of the city, no-one told the city councillors.
(Same chords again for next verse & bridge/chorus)
Instrumental verse; F Eb Bb Eb F Eb Bb F(Same chords as other verses etc. for next verse & bridge/chorus/whatever)
Then F, Bbsus2 until END
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