Belle And Sebastian - Mornington Crescent tab

Capo on first fret.

A | Dsus4
Mornington Crescent, I think of you
A | Dsus4
Rain in the Southeast, men feeling blue

This carries on until:

Hats and jackets
Rich apartments
Old punk posters
Tartan garments, I love the

Dsus4 | A
Exquisite array, I love the
Dsus4 | A
Camp as camp parade, the
Bm | C#m | E | E7
Possibilities suggest themselves to me...

Then back into the second verse. The second verse + chorus is the same as above, but the 
goes like this:

Bm | C#m | E | G#m
Thoughtfully, for twenty seconds reprieve, then its off with the briefs
G (A few staccato hits) | E (likewise)

The instrumental passage is the same as the first verse, ending and all.

The final verse is the same as the second verse, but you play the ending (the one with 
G#m) twice. That should do ya!
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