Ben Cantelon – You Are chords

You Are  (CAPO 3)

G GsusFor every song
G GsusFor every breath
Em C GFor every good and perfect gift You give
G GsusFor every night
G GsusFor every day
Em C GFor the glory of the earth we will say
G AmYou are over everything
Em CYou are the Eternal King
G AmJesus, You're the song we sing
Em CYou are, You are, You are
G GsusFor Your word
G GsusFull of grace
Em C GFor the steadfast promises You make
G GsusFor the cross
G GsusFor new life
Em C GFor the beauty of Your sacrifice
(CHORUSx2) Bridge:
CYou will always be
DYou will always be
EmYou will always be
DThe great I am repeat x3
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