Ben Cantelon - Hallelujah chords version 3

HALLELUJAH - Ben Cantelon

Tabbed by: Rhys.J

Tuning: Standard (CAPO 3 for G) 

This is a really simple and easy song to play, and sounds great :) 
I've tabbed the real chords which is in Bb, and put 
the capo chords in a table below, which needs a CAPO ON 3. 
Or transpose it 3 steps down. 

   Gm         Em
   Eb         C
   Bb         G
   F/A        D/F#

Gm Eb Bb F/A Hallelujah, hallelujah
Gm Eb Bb F/A You are worthy, of our praise
Gm Be high and lifted up
Eb Be high and lifted up
Bb F/A Be high and lifted up, Jesus
Gm It's You we glorify
Eb It's You we're lifting high
Bb F/A Your name be glorified
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