Ben Edwards – Uncontrollably tab

This song is mainly for learners because it's very basic......But it's good fun to
play when you get it going.... The struming pattern is simple to figue out.... just
do a hard down every so often. i wrote this myself so please don't rip on me.. 
                     Verse 1 

G          E                                      G 
           i know this girl i know her real well
           E                               G       
           i'd follow her in and out of hell 
           C                                   G
           She knows me but what she doesn't know
           C                                D    
           When ever she's around i never want to let her go
           E                                  G
           she looks at me with eyes like sugar
           C               E  
           sweetest huney O, would ya, would ya, would ya
            C              D
           Tell me love me, say that you need me 
           E                             G
           Your my sweet, puddin pie and i love you 

                     VERSE 2
   G         E                              G
          When she walks she flicks her hair
           E                                 G
          when she talks i find it hard to bair
            C                             G
          that melody that sounds so sweet 
          C                          D
          she throws me backwards, knocks me offa my feet.

                  CHORUS REPEATED AGAIN 

            G        C        G        C        D
            un      con     troll     lab      ly 

And thats it........... get the hang of the strumming patern, thats the hard bit,
for the intro play G and before second Verse. (Play louder as you repeat the chorus)
and thats all...... i hope you like my song..
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