Ben Folds Five – Narcolepsy tab

  Hey.  This is Frank.  Uhhh, yea this is Narcolepsy by Ben Folds Five, on The
Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.  I personally don't think this song
is that great, except for the intro, which is the tab shown below.  This played
on piano, and I'll write out what notes to play and stuff, but I'll also write
out the tab so you can convert the guitar notes onto piano.  So here it is.

  Alright, so here's the left hand:  For the first 8 measures (4 beats) the left plays
the notes C G G.  Thats all for that part.

  The right hand goes like this:  Each note gets 2 beats. The notes are E  B  D  A F  B 

   That's part.  You need to actually play it to make it good.  I know this is confusing
but once you got it sounds great.

  Here is the tab for it if this is easier for you to figure out on the piano keys.

The next part would take to long to write so yea. Left Hand: Play G and then G twice an octive higher. Right hand: Start on B and quickly go up 4 white notes then down one, so that you end on C. Do the same thing on A, G, and F. Thats all I have for you guys so enjoy. Frank Minella.
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