Ben Folds Five – Michael Praytor Five Years Later chords

This is a relatively simple song- some of the chords may not be lined up perfectly 
with the lyrics so i apologize


G Booooooooh aaaaaaooooh aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa
CM7 Cm7/EbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaohhhhwooooooooooooOOOoooo
Verse 1:
CM7 Dsus4 D (add 4)It was the opposite of fire and rain, you know the song
CM7 Dsus4 D(add 4)I never thought i'd see this guy again, but i was wrong
CM7 Dsus4 D(add 4)Oh! every five years since nineteen seventy-two
CM7 Dsus4 D(add 4)When at recess he recruited me to try to kick the church down to the ground
G B Michael Praytor- so random
CM7 who knows why some satellites
Eb Gcome by and by while others disappear
Binto the sky
Interlude: the interlude is played over C while playing these notes: b-e-a-d-g-c-f#-a-e-g-d-c-b-a-g-f#-e with a quick return to CM7 for verse 2. this is easy to comprehend if you listen to the song. Verse 2: same as the first Good morning mirror break the change to me i try to stay too close to see that there's a pattern in the tiles and a fool who marks the miles it was long hair- and this time it was no hair seeming thin, divorced, inspired engaged in chemo- born again and fired Chorus two: same as the first one, but leads into the bridge- Bridge: F-C-Eb-Bb-G Verse 3: same as the other verses At hanes mall parking lot at 5 am I saw him sleeping in his car I'd been up all night from new york bummin' out on '95 and we're thirty and we all live with our parents "and my wife," he said, "she kicked me out" I said same here, guess i'll see you around Final chorus: same as the last ones Michael Praytor Michael praytoooor MiCHael- Praytorrr michael praytorr so random who knows why some satellites come by and then they, disappear?
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