Ben Folds – Lonely Christmas Eve tab

here is a very cool song from ben foolds from the Griinch soundtrack. easy and fun
tabbed by indie_rocker
aka ange stella

intro- Am- im not so bad
       Am/G- i just hate to see a
       Fmaj 7 -good time had
       C- By everyone But
       Esus4  E- me
       Dm- on this lonely christmas eve
       Esus4 E
      Dm- i hear them up and down
        Esus4  E- Up and down the street

F-THEY"RE MAKING NOISEE- Noise noiseAm- noise repeat these 3 chords twice
C G/B Am Am/G F E second time goes F E Am repeat form they're making noise down to that last E. this is verse Chorus-C Dm F C G/B Am Dm F E Bridge- F E Am x2 C G/B Am Am/G F E Am repeat chorus then this F E Am x2 C G/B Am Am/G F E Am F E Am Dm F E outro-Am F E x4 end on Am tabbed by ange stella tabbed b indie_rocker
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