Ben Folds – Dr Yang Lovesick Diagnostician Fake tab

Dr.Yang Lovesick Diagnostic FAKE-BEN folds

intro- this is a weird song to play on guitar but on piano its not tto hard.

A     Dm/A     B7/A    A7   A A   rep[eat this twice

for piano play the A in root postion and move the 3th and 5th up by a semitone each four bars

here are the chord notes for piano for more info

A, C#,E
A, D, F
A, D#,F#
A, E, G

get it!!?

this is the closest i could get for guitar to get the intro

verse- A, D, A, D, Fmaj7, C, E

Chorus- Fmaj7,  C,  G x2
        Fmaj7,  C,   G,   G,
        F       Fsus2    x2

repeat verse dont repeat intro

repeat chorus

bridge- Am    F    Dm
repeat intro
verse 3
A,  D,  A,   D,  Fmaj7,   C,   Fmaj7,  C, Fmaj7,  C,    E

repeat chorus
repeat the F    Fsus2 part another 2 times

end on the F

tabbed by ange stella    aka indie_rocker
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