Ben Folds - Levi Johnstons Blues chords

Credit for these chords go to Julian Woods (@JulianWoods_ on twitter)
Uploaded by Joe Paterson (josephpaterson8[[@]]

Sorry the chords aren't in the right place, but you can figure out where they change, 
it's not difficult :)

Intro:e -----------------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------------|G -----------------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------------|E --3m-3m--2m-2m--1m-1m--0m-0m-------------------|
This repeats through the intro and start of the verse, until:
Bb G#Dude says, 'you Levi?'
Gm F#I'm like 'Yes, that's me sir'
Bb C7Well you just knocked up the VP nominee's daughter
repeat structure Pre chorus:
Gm Bb GmI say 'mother in law? no
FWe ain't getting married'
Gm Bb GmThey say 'soon you will boy
FShe just announced it
Gm Bb GmI get on my dirt bike
FAnd ride to my girl's home
Gm Bb GmGonna lay down the law
FTell her what's going on
Chorus: Bb/F/Eb/Eb x2 Verse: So we talk and it turns out we don't believe in abortion And sex outside marriage is against our religion And when I try to tell them I'm 18 years old, They say "Levi it's too late, you've got to do as you're told" (As before, riff bit followed by the chord bit above. You might want to unmute the riff at this point and
add a couple of the same notes at a different octave or use Gm, F#5, F5 and E5,to give it some variation, but you can't easily fit full chords to these bits.)
link to prechorus:------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|-0-0--0-----|
Prechorus: as before Epic Keyboard solo: Gm/F/Gm/F etc. Repeat throughout solo. Final Chorus: N.C. until:
EbKill some moose.
Chorus continues and repeats several times with the same structure as before and varying lyrics.
Outro:As intro and start of verses.Ending chord:Gm7e -10-B -11-G -10-D -12-A -10-E -X-
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