Ben Folds - Kalamazoo chords

Transcribed by: Mike Hejka

Riff - em - A4/E - em

em - A4/E - em
em - A4/E - em

:Verse #1::
em A4/ERan out of time
emrunning my mouth
em A4/E Ran up a tab and
emall the way from
Asus4 A Bsus4 B Gadd2On my way back home
Asus4 A Bsus4 B Gadd2I was surely stoned,
B7 CM7 now I'm sober in my yard
GCan believe I was there?
BCan believe I've been anywhere else?
::Riff:: em - A4/E - em em - A4/E - em
GBut there was a time
D/F#I almost forgot
em7 Dwe had been drifting all
the way from
f#m7Kalamazoo, and I said that
GI loved you too
bm7 G F#All the way back home
::Riff:: em - A4/E - em em - A4/E - em ::Verse #2::
em A4/E There's an old joke
emI just made up
em A4/E How many of me
emwould it take to
A7sus4/Gscrew up your life?
Asus4 A Bsus4 B Gadd2One to settle down,
Asus4 A Bsus4 B Gadd2one to turn you around
B7 CM7Now I'm sober in my yard
Gmaj7I would say you had to be there,
Gmaj7I forget that you're
B7still there
CM7 Gmaj7Seems like you'd be frozen,
Gmaj7frozen there in time
Gmaj7Waving your goodbyes
Gmaj7 emUp to the sky
::Jam:: em - A - em - D - C em - D - C - em ::Interlude:: em - A4/E - em
GYou place on the map
D/F#has faded away
em7Used to be lost in
Dmore than one way
f#m7Kalamazoo, don't you know that
GM9I've been there too
f#m7and it'd put your mind more at ease
GIf you'd say these words of release
bm7 GM9 F#All the way back home
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