Ben Gibbard – Dream Song chords ver. 2

Capo on 3rd fret

C in the verse is played with a hammer-on on the 2nd string
I'm not really sure if it's A or A7, they both work
The B7* is only played here

- Intro - em C G A em C G G - Verse 1 -
em CHe's been waking all through the night
G APacing around in the moonlight
em C G GBecause these same dreams won't let him be
em CThe cameras photographs everything
G AThat he's been burying down beneath
em C G GAnd show him what he don't wanna see
- Bridge -
CHe counts the hours creeping by
GHis thoughts racing, eyes stuck open wide
C G [B7*]Tossing and turning through the night, oh the night
- Verse 2 -
em CHe has this one where he's being pursued
G ABy every woman he ever knew
em C G GBut at first grasp he wakes and gasps
em CHe watches her laying there sound asleep
G AWonders who's chasing her through her dreams
em C G GAnd when they do if it scares her too
[Bridge] - Chorus -
CAnd oh how he needs to get some sleep
ABut who waits down there so deep
em B7Leaves him shaking him at the knees, it seems
- aaah-Part - C A B7 B7 C em A B7 - Solo - em C G A em C G G [Bridge] [Chorus]
emOh oh oh oh...
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