Ben Gibbard - Choir Vandals tab

i'm pretty sure this is correct.  any corrections would be appreciated.  enjoy.

(lead 1)e-----5--3-------------------5--3---------------------5--3-------------------------------|B-----------5—3--1—3--5--3---------5--3--1--3--5--3---------5--3--1--3--5--3--1--3--5—3--|G----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(lead 2) on every third time around play it this way.|--5-3-------------------------------||------5-3--1-3--5-3--1-3------------||-------------------------4-2--------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------|
Intro. Am C F G Am C F G Am C F G F G Am C F G Bend down, like a, caffiene candle. Am C F G Locked out, with the, choir vandals. Am C F G F G Reading, destroy, destroy, destroy. Am C F G Am C F G Am C F G F G Am C F G Two speed, cycle, streamer’d handle. Am C F G Evening, will find, moment, scandals. Am C F G F G I just want, to be, someone, you know. Am C F G Am C F G Am C F G F G Am C F G Am C F G Am C F G F G
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