Ben Gibbard - Couches In Alleys tab

this is a version of the song that Ben played at one of his recent acoustic shows.

intro: Em C G D

Hey Jack it's me,
      C                           G                  D        
I don't mean to bother you but somethings been on my mind.
       Em                    C                          G
At the end of this road that climbs the horizon will be reached in a matter 
of miles.
             Em                       C                              G
And when the wheels cease to spin the walls and the fences will grow higher 
than redwood trees.
And I know your demise.
       C                              G                          D 
And I fear what will happen when the road fails to flow under me.
To flow under me

(repeat intro) Em C G D

Em                  C                              G
 Oh Jack you see, I felt like your mirror with the wind whipping through my 
         Em                          C                              G
When the wheels ceased to spin and I cased my surroundings, I realized I 
hadn't gone anywhere.

         Em                     C                        G   
When the problems I'd left with couches in alleys, where no one would ever 
        Em                C                                G     
And the hardest part was sifting through the pieces of the rain soaked and 
              D            Em   
rotten remains when I got home.

Em C G D

Hey Jack its me 
    C                         G                      D
I dont mean to bother you but somethings been on my mind (x3)

Em C G D

end on Em
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