Ben Harper - The Word Suicide tab

So Here's my first tab -- I just lifted these chords by ear cause I couldn't find any 
I'm pretty sure it's correct. Easy song to jam on, key of C, this is one of the best 
put out in 2009.

Ben Harper and Relentless 7 - The Word Suicide
As Tabbed by Joseph Noah

**NOTE** On the Am chord change in the verse, sometimes Ben will play a Am followed by Aadd9 and an Am7 something like C G Am Eme|---0-----3--------0---0---0----0---------------------------------------|B|---1-----0--------1---3---1----0---------------------------------------|G|---0-----0--------2---2---0----0---------------------------------------|D|---2-----0--------2---2---2----2---------------------------------------|A|---3-----2--------0---0---0----2---------------------------------------|E|---x-----3--------0---0---0----0---------------------------------------|
Intro: G Am Em C G Am Em The word suicide is irresponsible C G Am Em Still you offered to buy me a gun F C G Em what's so hard about sympathy G Am Em Love is a lonely room G Am Em Love is a lonely room C G When out on the edge Am Em there's just two directions C G Am Em And somebody has to lose F C I should know better than to use words G Em Like never and hate G Am Em Love is a lonely room G Am Em Love is a lonely room ---solo1--- (beginning)
etc. ---solo2---(beginning) (play with a slide, slightly more distortion)
he plays something like...e|--------------------------------------------------5------------|B|-----------------------------------------------8---------------|G|----7s9--7--5--4---4-4h5-5--4s2--2p0------7s9------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
C G Am Em This is no way to live C G Am Em And this is no way to die F C Who in the hell's life is G Em this I'm living anyway G Am Em Love is a lonely room G Am Em Love is a lonely room Instrumental Outro Play Am riff and Em variations, or just repeat G Am Em pattern. Hope this works for you, being its my first tab please throw me a rating or an e-mail. Enjoy!
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