Ben Harper - Show Me A Little Shame tab version 2

Artist: Ben Harper
  Song: Show Me a Little Shame
Album: Burn to Shine

I worked this song out a week or so ago without too much trouble, as it is
reasonably simple and uses familiar guitar riffs.

Chords used:   C  G  F  C7 E  Am Bb
            e|-0--3--1--0--0--0--1-|    p = pull-off
B|-1--3--1--1--0--1--3-| d = downstroke G|-0--4--2--3--1--2--3-| u = upstroke D|-2--5--3--2--2--2--3-| A|-3--5--3--3--2--0--1-| E|-x--3--1--x--0--x--x-|
Here is the intro and riff for the first verse. The other verses follow the same pattern, except the last verse only really has bass and organ.
d dudud dudud dudu * C G Fe|-0-00000-00000-0000-------------1p0--------------------------------|B|-1-11111-11111-1111-----------------1-----------------------1------|G|-0-00000-00000-0000-----------0-------0-------4p0-------------2----|D|----------------------------2---------------5-----5-------3-----3--|A|----------------------0-2-3---------------5---------5---3----------|E|--------------------3-------------------3-------------1------------|
* F C G C Ge|-------------------1p0-------------------------0-------------------|B|-------1---------------1-------------------------1-----------------|G|---------2-------0-------0-------4p0---------0-----0---------------|D|-----3-----3---2---------------5-----5-----2---------5555----------|A|---3---------3---------------5---------5-3-----------5555-0-2------|E|-1-------------------------3-------------------------3333----------|
C G F F Ce|-------1p0-------------------------------------------------1p0-----|B|-----------1-----------------------1-----------1---------------1---|G|-----0-------0-------4p0-------------2-----------2-------0-------0-|D|---2---------------5-----5-------3-----3-----3-----3---2-----------|A|-3---------------5---------5---3-----------3---------3-------------|E|---------------3-------------1-----------1-------------------------|
G C C7 *e|---------------------0-----0--------------------| If you don't want to pick the tuneB|-----------------------1---1--------------------| just strum the chords, and addingG|-------4p0---------0-----0-3---| an F# (244322-| between the G and FD|-----5-----5-----2---------2--------------------| chords (as is done in the lastA|---5---------5-3-----------3--------------------| verse with an organ) sounds reallyE|-3-------------------------x--------------------| good. *Strum the C7 into the start of the chorus, then the chorus chords are: F G C C7 Won't you show me a little shame
Chorus ends each time with D|-5555-| before going back to the verse A|-5555-| E|-3333-| riff (indicated with *). I had problems working out if it's an E or E7 played in the bridge, they both sound good, but I'll go with E. Bridge: E C Cos now I wake ... E F I get through crying now and I................................. G Am G F I get through thinking ... Bb F G I get through speaking ... Well, that's it. Hope that's of use to somebody, any corrections or comments then don't hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks, Sam Coleman
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