Ben Harper – Forever tab ver. 2

Forever -- Ben Harper             Tabbed by Travis Hussey,

(Note: This is a much more complete tab than the others, which missed 
the bass notes and transitional chords shown below. To save space I 
condensed the verse tab riff into one line, indicating each of the 4 
iterations. The chorus Am riffs are still a little off, so any comments
there are welcome!)

| Intro: ---x-----------------------------x-----x----------||--0h1-x--1-x-----0--0---0h1p0--------1---x--1--x-----3----||--0---x--2-x-----0--0--2-----2-------0---x--2--x----0-----||--0h2-x--3-x-----------2------2------2---x--3--x---0------||--0h3-x----x-----------0-------------3---x-----x----------||------x--1-x--3--------------------------x--1--x--3-------|
1, 2 3 4| Verses: ---x-|------------------- ------------ -------------------||-(0)-1-x--1-x-|----0--0---0h1p0--- --0h1p0h1p0- ----0--0---1---1---||-(0)-0-x--2-x-|----0--0--2-----2-- -2---------- ----0--0---0---0---||-(0)-2-x--3-x-|----------2------2- -2---------- -----------2---0---||-(0)-3-x----x-|----------0-------- -0---------- -----------0---2---||-------x--1-x-|-3----------------- ------------ -3-----------------| (hold during 2nd verse, instrumental)
| Chorus: -----x--------------- ------x------------------||-(0)-1--x--3--x---0h1p0------- -0-1--x--3------0-1--1---||-(0)-0--x--0--x--2-----2--0--- -0-0--x--0--0-----0--0---||-(0)-2--x--0--x--2------2----- -0-2--x--0---------------| |-(0)-3--x--2--x--0------------ x3 -0-3--x--2--------0--2---||--------x-----x-----------3--- ------x-------3----------|
Finale (at end of last chorus):|----------------------------||--0-1------3-----1--0--1----||--0-0------0-----2--0--0----||--0-2------0-----2--0--2----||--0-3------2-----0-----3----||--------------------3-------|
Not talkin' bout a year, no not three or four I don't want that kind of forever in my life anymore Forever always seems to be around when it begins But forever never seems to be around when it ends Chorus: So give me your forever. Please your forever Not another day less will do, From you People spend so much time every single day Runnin' round all over town giving their forever way But no not me I won't let my forever roam And now I hope I can find my forever a home (to Chorus, instrumental) Like a handless clock with numbers an infinite of time No not the forever found only in the mind Forever always seems to be around when things begin But forever always seems to be around when things end (to Chorus w/ Finale)
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