Ben Harper – Thank Me In The Morning chords

                   THANK ME IN THE MORNING - Ben Harper
Tabbed by: Rod Nolan

This song isn't on any album yet but the video is on Ben Harper's You Tube channel; just 
search for Webisode 7

Verse 1
DIt's too late to know
GJust what we could have been
DDon't want to have this conversation
GEver again
CWhen you walk right through my door
C C/B AmWithout any warning
AmPlease don't say a word
C C/B GJust thank me in the morning
Verse 2
DYou hide sorrow in a smile
GForever in a little while
DHide a lock inside a key
Gand you hide your love inside of me
CBut some day you'll go your way
C C/B Amand someday I'll lose mine
AmIt's hailing and it's storming
C C/B GSo just thank me in the morning
solo C C C/B Am Am C C/B G Verse 3
DNow you're screaming at me
Ggritted teeth and clenched fists
DHow can you stand there and act
Gas though love is not a risk
CAnd you And you cry, "I'm not to blame"
C C/B AmYou said, "It's just the world I was born in"
Am B CYou can't reach me now
C C/B Gbut you can thank me in the morning
AmPlease don't say a word
C C/B Gjust thank me in the morning
AmYou can't reach me now
C C/B Gbut you can thank me in the morning
Here are some of the fills
fill 1 - played as a lead in to the D chord while singing... "It's too late to... "e|--------------2----|B|--------------3----|G|-2-/4\-2-0----2----|D|-----------2--0----|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
fill 2 - played over the D chord just after "... know"
fill 3 - played as a lead in to the G chord while singing... "Don't want to have this conver..."e|---------------x---|B|---------------3---|G|-2-/4\-2-0-2/4-0---|D|---------------0---|A|---------------x---|E|---------------3---|
fill 4 - played over the G chord just after "...sation"e|-------------------| e|-------------------|B|----------3--------| B|----------3--------|G|--0-------0--------| or G|--0-2-0-2-0--------|D|--0-2-0-2-0--------| D|--0-------0--------|A|--x-------x--------| A|--x-------x--------|E|--3-------3--------| E|--3-------3--------|
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