Ben Harper - Dont Give Up On Me Now Acoustic tab

Ben Harper
"Don't Give up on me Now" acoustic

from the album "Give till it's gone"
EMI 2011

Tune down half step  (D#  G#  C#  F#  A#  d#)

Riff 1 Riff 2d#:------------------------------|-----------------------------------|A#:------------------------------|-----------------------------------|F#:------------------------------|-----------------------------------|C#:------------------------------|---0h2---0h2-----------------------|G#:---2--3--2--0--0--------------|-------------0---------------------|D#:------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
Riff 3d#:------------------------------|A#:------------------------------|F#:---2--3--2-0------------------|C#:------------------------------|G#:------------------------------|D#:------------------------------|
Intro: Riff1-Am-Riff2-Riff1-Am-Riff2-Am Verse: Riff1 Am Riff2 Am Riff1 C Time, it opens all wounds Riff1 Am Riff2 Am Riff1 C And trust is gonna put me in the tomb Dm riff3 Fmaj7 The world isn't mine, the world isn't mine to save Dm riff3 Fmaj7 I can't afford to lose what you easely throw away Chorus: Am G Fmaj7 C And I don't even know myself, Am G Fmaj7 C What it would take to know myself Am G Fmaj7 C G I need to change, I don't know how Am Don't give up on me now Bridge: repeat the sentence "don't give up on me now" and play this C- Am - C - Am - Em - G and then hit back on chorus
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