Ben Harper - When Its Good tab

Date: sunday, 10/8 - 2003 2242 london time
From: "Rune Toerrild" 
Subject: Ben Harper/Diamonds on the inside/When it's good.

This version of "When it's good", is purely dedicated work and listening to Ben Harper
and how I suggest you should play this tune. There is no way I could or would copy Ben
in a direct manner, mainly by the lack of skill and secondly because It all started with
the frustation of not being able to find the tablature for this song through the
Internet, and thereby felt a need to know how Ben did all these little miracles with his
slide. But it seems like I have cracked the code, both in tuning af how he in primitive
directions work his frets. A thanks to Kenneth Salomonsen for his very persistent work
with tunings, which led to the opening into the Ben Harper realm of meganess...and "When
its good", in which it really is :)

(tuning:EBEEBE), (Tool: Slide)

Intro riff: (this part takes study so don't despair)

Start piece which is repeated many times through the song:
E--0-0---0--3/5-0--0-----0----------0-0--------------------|B------3----3/5-0----3/5~ ---------------3323-323----------|E-----------3/5-0----------0-3\2-0-----------------0-3/5-0-|E--0-0------3/5-0--0-------0-3\2-0--0-0------------0-3/5-0-|B-----------3/5-0----------0-3\2-0-------3323-323--0-3/5-0-|E-----------3/5-0----------0-3\2-0-----------------0-3/5-0-|
E-0-2/3\2-0-0-----------------0-0-0---0---3/5----0-----0---|B-0-2/3\2-0-0--0-2/3\2--------0-----3-----3/5------3/5~ ---|E-0-2/3\2-0-0--0-2/3\2--0-2/3-0-----------3/5--0-----------|E-0-2/3\2-0-0--0-2/3\2--0-2/3-0-0-0-------3/5--0-0---------|B--------------0-2/3\2--0-2/3-0-----------3/5--0-----------|E-----------------------0-2/3-0-----------3/5--0-----------|
Middel piece..."wheeen its good, its so so gooood":(version 1)E-------------------------------------------------------------|B-0---0---5-0---8---0-----0----5\3-3\0-0-030-3/5\3-3/5-0------|E---5---7---------0----10---0--5\3-3\0-0-030-3/5\3-3/5-0------|E------------------------------5\3-3\0-0-030-3/5\3-3/5-0------|B-0----------------------------5\3-3\0-0-030-3/5\3-3/5-0------|E--------------------------------------------3/5\3-3/5-0------|
(THIS VERSION IS A BIT DIFFERENT IN THE "END" because of another style of fingerpicking)(version 2)E------------------------------------------------0-----0-0----|B-0---0---5-0---8---0-----0----5\3-3\0-0-030-------------0----|E---5---7---------0----10---0--5\3-3\0-0-030--5-----3----0----|E------------------------------5\3-3\0-0-030--5-----3----0----|B-0----------------------------5\3-3\0-0-030----5-----3--0----|E---------------------------------------------5-----3----0----|
Just as a reminder, I'd like to say that there is no defenite conclusion to this map I've written down, and as an example i've deleted one note from the 4th string (below), which is the same note as in the 3rd string. As you see above (in version 2.) I've choosen to play that note, but only because I thought it sounded deeper or more livid, eventhough the 3rd and 4th string is strummed in the exact same tone. Do what ever you want with it!
----0-----0-0----| ------------0----| E 3rd -5-----3----0----| E 4th ------------0----| ---5-----3--0----| -5-----3----0----|
In case of contact mail me at < > And/or contact Kenneth Salomonsen at < > Rune Aarhus, Denmark
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