Ben Harper – Morning Yearning tab

Intro: [Am] [G] [Dm] [F] x2

[Am]A finger's touch [G]upon my lips
It's a [Dm]morning yearning, it's a [F]morning yearning 
[Am]Pull the curtains shut, try to [G]keep it dark
But the [Dm]sun is burning, the [F]sun is burning

The world awakens on the run
And will soon be earning, soon be earning
With hopes of better days to come
It's a morning yearning, a morning yearning

...morning yearning

Another day, another chance to get it right
Must I still be learning, must I still be learning
Baby crying kept us up all night
With her morning yearning, with her morning yearning

...morning yearning

Bridge: [C] [Bb] [Am] [G] x2

Like a summer rose, I'm a victim of the fall
But I'm soon returning, I'm soon returning
Your love' s the warmest place the sun ever shines
My morning yearning, my morning yearning

[By Zweibeiner]
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