Ben Harper - Never Leave Lonely Alone tab

Never Leave Lonely Alone by Ben Harper
On the album Both Sides of the Gun

This is a good song off Ben Harper's double cd, both sides of the gun.
The strumming is really simple, so I'll just tab the chord formations
and let you figure out the rest.

Verse chords Em Eb° D C#aug C G Asus4 Ae------------------------------------------------|B---8----8----7----5-----5-----------------------|G---9----8----7----6-----5----4----7-----6-------|D---9----7----7----7-----5----5----7-----7-------|A---7----6----5----4-----3----5----7-----7-------|E-----------------------------3----5-----5-------|
Bridge chords C G B Em C G D De---0---3---2---0-----0---3---2---2---------|B---1---3---4---0-----1---3---3---3---------|G---0---0---4---0-----0---0---2---2---------|D---2---0---4---2-----2---0---0---0---------|A---3---2---2---2-----3---2-----------------|E-------3-------0-----0---3-----------------|
C G B Em C G B Be---0---3---2---0-----0---3---2---2---------|B---1---3---4---0-----1---3---4---4---------|G---0---0---4---0-----0---0---4---4---------|D---2---0---4---2-----2---0---4---4---------|A---3---2---2---2-----3---2---2---2---------|E-------3-------0---------3-----------------|
"Never Leave Lonely Alone" part Repeat Last 4 chords of verse. Any questions or comments, feel free to email me at:
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