Ben Harper - Boa Sorte Good Luck tab version 1

Hi everybody I'm Miguel and I'm from Portugal. This a very good song from Vanessa Da 
and Ben Harper, it's very simple to play. The music goes in Portuguese by the voice of 
and then the translation in English by Ben.

The chords used:

     C#m      E       B       F#     A

The Music is in Arpeggio Style, and it goes something like this,(at least that's what i think):
The music: C#m É só isso E Não tem mais jeito B F# Acabou, boa sorte C#m Não tenho o que dizer E São só palavras B E o que eu sinto F# Não mudará C#m Tudo o que quer me dar E É demais B É pesado F# Não há paz C#m Tudo o que quer de mim E Irreais B Expectativas F# Desleais Now it goes the same but in English: C#m That’s it B There's no way F# It´s over, Good luck C#m I have nothing left to say B It’s only words F# And what I feel F# Won’t change Now they sing together with a litle delay from Ben Harper: C#m Tudo o que quer me dar / Everything you want to give me E É demais / It´s too much B É pesado/ It’s heavy F# Não há paz / There's no peace C#m Tudo o que quer de mim / All you want from me E Irreais / Is’nt real B Expectativas / Expectations F# Desleais Now comes the solo, it's not bad but i kinda did it my way, but it's not very diferent, think it goes something like this:
(If you play it with a friend keep going with the arpeggio during the solo) C#m Mesmo, se segure A Quero que se cure F# Dessa pessoa F# Que o aconselha C#m Há um desencontro A Veja por esse ponto F# Há tantas pessoas especiais C#m A Now even if you hold yourself F# I want you to get cured F# From this person C#m A Who poisoned you F# There is a disconnection C#m See through this point of view A F# There are so many special people in the world C#m A F# so many special people in the world, in the world! All you want x2 (Again the chorus) C#m Tudo o que quer me dar / Everything you want to give me E É demais / It's too much B É pesado / It's heavy F# Não há paz / There's no peace C#m Tudo o que quer de mim / All you want from me E Irreais/ Isn't real B Expectativas / Expectations F# Desleais C#m B F# Now were Falling/falling, falling/falling into the night x4 Um bom encontro é de dois x2 This is my first tab, so feel free to make any suggestions Email:
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