Ben Howard – Only Love chords

Ben Howard - Only Love (Capo 4)

    Not all of us have the time or string 
life to tune to open C so here is a simple 
but effective way to play Ben Howard's 
"Only Love".  My name is Justin Black I 
have an album on iTunes called "Elevator Madness".  
I am sponsored by  Faith Guitars.  You can find me
at  Thanks and enjoy.


C#m7+E E/C# C#m7 Bsus E Asus 042400 024100 X46454 X24400 022100 X02200
Bridge Riff: ---------------------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------0---------------| ------4p1-----1--------4p1------1------------------------| ------2-------2--------2--------2-----------2------------| --0-------0--------0--------0--------0-------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------|
C#m7+EDarling you're with me, always around me
E/C#Only love, only love
C#m7+EDarling I feel you, under my body.
E/C#Only love, only love
C#m7+EGive me shelter, or show me heart
E/C#Come on love, come on love
C#m7+E E/C#Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart.
C#m7 Bsus E Asus (Bridge Riff)And I'll be yours to keep.
C#m7 Bsus E Asus (Bridge Riff)Wind in the shadows, whale song in the deep.
C#m7 Bsus Asus Wind in the shadows, whale song...
(All the above x 3) Refrain: x 2
C#m7+EOnly love love love,
Only love love love,
E/C#Only love love love.
Girl show me heart. Come on love love love, Come on love love love, Come on love love love. Watch me fall apart. Ending: (verse chords) Darling I feel you under my body. Darling you're with me forever and always. Give me shelter or show me heart. And watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart.
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