Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance tab

                                Depth Over Distance

Such a beautiful song by Ben Howard, I did a cover
Thanks for watch it :)

It's my first tab !

Tuning : CGCGGC
Capo : 5 ( NOT the 2 lowest string )

Intro & 2 first verses

C -------------0---------|G --------------0--------|G -----------------------|C ----------------0------|G -10--14--12------------|C -10--14--12------------|
C ---0-------0---0----0------------|G ---0-------0---0----0------------|G ---0-------0---0----0------------|C ---0------7----0----0------------|G --5-----5----2-----0-------------|C -5-----4----2------0-------------|
Just after the chorus ben plays someting like this
C ------------------------|G -----------------0---0--|G --0--0--0----0---0---0--|C --7--9--10---12--12-12--|G ------------------------|C ------------------------|
Then, Ben hits his guitar but plays the same chords I hope it help ! Cheers ! Aurélien Mail :
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