Ben Kweller – Thirteen tab

Artist    : Ben Kweller
Album     : Ben Kweller [2006]
Song      : Thirteen
Tabbed By : Nick [sonick (at) gmail (dot) com]
Created   : September 20, 2006

  [Chords Used]    |  [Notation used]
      Em = 022000  |  C~ = Strum Once
      C  = 032010  |
      G  = 320033  |
Dsus4/F# = 200233  |


[Em] [C] [G]----------------- ----------------- ----------------- -0---0---0---0--- -1---1---1---1--- -3---3---3---3--- -0---0---0---0--- -0---0---0---0--- -0---0---0---0--- -2---2---2---2--- -2---2---2---2--- -0---0---0---0--- -2-----2--------- -3-----3--------- ----------------- ---------0-----0- ---------3-----3- -3-----3-3-----3-
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & [Intro] G Em We've been in the rain C We've been on the mountain G We've been round the fire Em In fancy hotels C Drank water from farm wells G We sang with the choir Em I kissed your dry lips C We jumped off the high cliffs G And splashed down below Em Skin to skin C In the salty river G C Made love in the shadow G Woooah ooh Dsus4/F# Em Read books to each other C Read the mind of the other G Flew one thousand jets Em We laughed and we cried C At movies and real life G In our ridiculous beds Em We danced in the moonlight at midnight C We pressed against back doors and wooden floors G And you never faked it Em And frequently C We ignored our love G C But we could never mistake it G Dsus4/F# Oooh ooh Solo x2
Em C G------------------------------0----------------------0----------0-----------2----------2---------0------------3---------2----------------------3------
Dsus4/F# Em We met on the front porch C Fell in love on the phone G Without the physical wreck Em You gave me the necklace C That used to hang G Around your mothers neck Em We questioned religions C Fed bread to the pigeons G We learned how to pray Em We stood by the ocean C Turned our hearts in to one G C We laid in bed all day G Heeey-ey Dsus4/F# Em We skipped on the sidewalk C Skipped stones on the water G We skipped town Em We've seen the sunrise with new eyes C We've seen the damage of gossip and true lies G We've seen the sun go down Em Had passionate makeouts C And passionate freakouts G We built this world of our own Em It was in the back of a taxi C~ When you told me you loved me G~ C~ G~ And that I wasnt alone
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