Ben Kweller – Old Hat chords

Left handed
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Key : D

D GHello, sweet friend of mine
Em Bm AI want to talk, see how you are
D GWhat�s new? Are you feelin fine?
Em Bm ADo you like South Lake, do you work all the time?
D GThis whole month has been a waste
Em Bm AAnd I got no taste for goin out.
D G Every since you left home I�ve been shame faced
Em Bm ABut I�d rather be erased than hold you down
Em G, G/F#, G/B, Asus, D DsusI never want to be the old hat you put on your pretty head x2
Now I know I talk to much Worry about things that can�t be controlled And I can�t decide, always up on the fence And I don�t make no sense, and baby, I know that gets old Chorus My tornado, love, tore it all down Now I am face down in all this muddy guilt You know I wanna make you smile again Warm your heart again like an old worn out quilt Now listen: Ill be your glove, I�ll be your scarf I�ll be the cross that covers your heart But I don�t want you to get tired of me honey, after such a good start
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