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Ben Kweller – I Miss You chords

I miss you - Ben Kweller (Album : Go fly a kite)
C C G C Oh oh oh oh oh oh
C C G (Am) Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)
-- Verse 1 (same chords for Verses 1bis, 2 and 2bis):
Am DI miss you, I think about you every day
G CI wonder who you're laughin' with right now
Am DI wish you'd let me say what I need to say
G CBeen tryin' for weeks to track you down.
-- Verse 1bis: The rain pours on this painted concrete runway As another show takes me to the sky I wish I could fly this plane to you Even just to say goodbye -- Chorus (x2):
Dsus4 Am It doesn't matter anyway
CYou have changed
GYou have changed
-- Bridge: same as Intro -- Verse 2: I miss you, I think about your summer smile So shocked how easy it is for you... to... Escape closure, Yeah, you just run away, Wonder if that weight'll catch up to you -- Verse 2bis: You're too old to act like such a child With a head all business and a heart unfree... Me... I still miss you, You don't even care And that's what's scarin' me -- Chorus (x2) -- Outro: same as Intro, except for last chord (C)
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