Ben Lee – Daisy tab

Ben Lee - Daisy - Tabbed by - Michael Aaron -

D Dsus2 C G Ae|-2--3-----0--3--0-B|-3--3-----1--3--2-G|-2--2-----0--0--2-D|-0--0-----2--0--2-A|-0--0-----3--2--0-E|-------------3----
Intro D-Dsus2-D-Dsus2-D-Dsus2-D-Dsus2 D C I didn't see it coming, i just thought that you were friendly, G D But here we are passionately embraced. C I supose its kinda funny, but its also kinda scary, G D Dsus2 that your kiss brought back a fealing i'd erased. D Dsus2 C though you said that you were lonely, and i said i thought you would be, G D Dsus2 then you took me to a darker holy place. D Dsus2 C And then i said i'd like to kiss you, and you said you'd love to kiss me, G D then kissed the sweatest kiss i'll ever taste. A G D Dsus2 D Dsus2 Cos' ive known you for an hour, but you're growing like a flower in me. A G D Dsus2 D Dsus2 I've known you for a lifetime, we're soalmates from a pastlife daisy. D C its all mixed with indecision, and a painfull soulfull spilling, G D of everything i've ever felt or known. C And you know that there all looking, so you kiss me even harder, G D Dsus2 then hold me and i just feel right at home. D Dsus2 C You're touch is soft and tender, so i raise my flag surrender, G D Dsus2 Then say i feel you staring at my soul. D Dsus2 C And it makes them all feel oukward, but our time here's more important, G D So we sink into our closed high painful hole. C I'm scared of what will happen, so I kiss you say i'll call you, G D Then i tell you so much i don't understand. C Then you kiss me with an answer, and my question seems invalid, G D Dsus2 And I go to bed with daisies in my hand. D Dsus2 C I call you theres no answer, but i know I'll have to see you, G D Dsus2 so i call and call and call and call again. D Dsus2 C But you never get my message, or you choose not to return it. G D Because you shouldn't, need it, wouldn't, or just can. A G D Dsus2 D Dsus2 I'm lonely and i love you, for the moment that is whats true in me. A G D Dsus2 D Dsus2 Ive known you now forever, joined at the soul together daisy. D C I have no way to avoid you, when i see you in the movies, G D And I realise right now you're not here with me. D C If I see you in my lifetime, if again I feel you kiss me. G D Dsus2 I supose that i'll just have to wait and see. D Dsus2 C but for now i'll just be greatfull, to be touched by such an angel G D Dsus2 And put it down as life expierience. D Dsus2 C And my muse is just a daisy, with the most beautiful nature, G D Will one day fall back in my flower bed. A G D Dsus2 Dsus2 D Dsus2 And i know you said you love me, and thats the only memory left for me. A G D Dsus2 D Dsus2 cos i need you more than ever, joined at the soul together daisy. Daisy. Daisy Etc.
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