Ben Lee - Were All In This Together chords version 2

Ben Lee- We're All In This Together, from the album "Awake Is The New Sleep".

Mostly, tabbed by Ange Stella. here are the chords as well as the lead acoustic part
the song. all the otherr tabs are missing out on the bridge and chorus so i figuired them
this si completely right! the chords in the verse be repeated until chorus. in the vese, 
can weither play the tab part or the chords (which are below) both sound right. both

EVerse1- I woke up this morning
F#mI suddenly realised
C#m Amaj7We're all in this together
I started smiling 'Cause you were smiling And we're all in this together I'm made of atoms You're made of atoms And we're all in this together. And long division just doesn't matter 'Cause we're all in this together...yeah I saw you walking In the city We're all in this together The city's changing cause we are changing and we're all in this together every 12 seconds someone remembers that we're all in this together In the kitchen of your rent control apartment we're all in this together Chorus 1
A Bcome on baby i don't mean to rush you
C#m F#I only wanted to reach out and touch you
A BI've got to start to open my heart
Verse 2-(same as Verse 1) I know you think about jumping ship before it sinks but we are all in this together ask a scientist it's quantum physics we are all in this together and on the subway we feel like strangers but we're all in this together yeah i love you and you love her and she loves him But we're all in this together Chorus 2
A BYou know baby there's never been protection
C#m F#and all the history of human connection
A Bcome on darling its alright to show me
C#m F#you dont ever need to be lonely
A Bonce you start to open your heart
Interlude E, F#m, C#m, A Bridge
AI saw you crying
BI started crying
C#m Acause we're all in this together
A Band then religion is a big decision
C#m Abut we're all in this together
E, F#m, C#m, Awe are all in this together (x12)
end on E, or if you can fade out. tavbbed by Ange stella aka indie_lover
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