Ben Lee - Something Borrowed Something Blue tab

	          Something Borrowed Something Blue - BEN LEE

Tabbed by: Anthony Chmiel (rhcp_guitarist@ Ultmate Guitar)Email: anthony320chmielKey: b = bend rb = reverse bendTuning:Standard (high to low - ebgdae)Main Riff (repeat many times)e|----------------------------------|B|---3-3b4rb3---1-----1-------------|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|A|-3----------1---0-----------------|E|-----------------1----------------|
then when he is about to end a verse, you play:e|-------------|B|---1------1--|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-1---0-------|E|-------1-----|
Chorus (heavy fuzz distortion) C5 Bb5 F5e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|-55555555--3333-------------|D|-55555555--3333-3333--------| 3 timesA|-33333333--1111-3333--------|E|----------------1111--------|(I get the feeling i could leave you on the interstate)
then on the "Something Borrowed Something Bluee" bit, play: Bb5 F5e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-3333--------------|D|-3333-3333---------|A|-1111-3333---------|E|------1111---------|
repeat verses and chorus again, only this time on the "something Borrowed Something Blue" bit, play this over the Bb5 and F5 powerchords a few times. B|-3b4-rb3----| there is no guitar in the interlude play the main riff a few more times, then the chorus a few times (with the b string bends from the d to the d#) End by playing the main riff over a C5 power chord. Thats it....pretty easy. Enjoy! -Anthony
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