Ben Rector - Dance With Me Baby chords version 2

EAnd do i leave for California
CWhen my love is left behind in Tennessee?
G C G//-////////-/////
EFrom the night times in the mornings
CI am aching for the better part of me
G C G D//-////////-/////-///
EPut the thousand miles behind me
CAnd a thousand more where i am yet to go
G C G D//-////////-/////-///
EWell i kept all of your letters
CReading in between the white lines on the road
DThe white lines on the road
E C GOh, so won't you come home and dance with me baby
E C GI've been trying to leave this road, but its so dark
E C GOh, so won't you come home and dance with me baby
Am CCause its been to long, oh its been to long
oh oh ya
G C G//-////////-/////
Verse 2
EAnd i find i am divided
C GBetween here and there and you and then in me
And i know this dream i'm chasing Very well, go and plead the death of me
EOh so darling don't you worry
CI'll be there before you can close your eyes
EI'll be there to kiss my baby
COh and dance with you into the morning lights
Pre-Chorus Into the morning lights Chorus x2
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