Ben Rector - Dance With Me Baby chords version 3

Chords  (how I play them anyways)

G Gadd4 C Am7 D/F# Em7e -----3---3------3-----0------0----0-----|B -----0---1------1-----1------3----3-----|G -----0---0------0-----0------2----0-----|D -----0---0------2-----2------0----2-----|A -----x---x------3-----0------0----2-----|E -----3---3------x-----x------2----0-----|
He repeats the transition between G and Gadd4 throughout a lot of the song - just listen for the pattern. Intro G Gadd4 (repeat) Verse1
Am7And do I leave for California
CWhen my love is here behind in Tennessee?
G Gadd4 G Gadd4
Am7From the night times in the mornings
CI am aching for the better part of me
G Gadd4 G D/F#
Em7Put the thousand miles behind me
CAnd a thousand more where i am yet to go
G Gadd4 D/F#
Em7Well i kept all of your letters
CReading in between the white lines on the road
G D/F#The white lines on the road
Em7 C GOh, so won't you come home and dance with me baby
Em7 C GI've been traveling this road that is so dark
Em7 C GOh, so won't you come home and dance with me baby
Am CCause its been too long, oh its been too long
oh oh yeah G Gadd4 (x4) Verse 2
Am7And i find i am divided
C G Gadd4Between here and there and them and you and me
Am7And i know this dream I'm chasing
C G Gadd4 Very well, go and be the death of me
Am7Oh so darling don't you worry
C G Gadd4I'll be there before you can close your eyes
Am7I'll be there to kiss my baby
C Oh and dance with you into the morning lights
G Gadd4Into the morning lights
Chorus x2 Let me know about any mistakes in the chords or lyrics. Enjoy! - Michael
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