Ben Rector – Hank chords

The song is originally in G. you can capo 3 and play E, or capo capo 5 and play DOrder:as shown.
3 different progressions he uses. Verse progression:C G D G,C G D D(hold each chord for half) Chorus progression:G C Em D(hold each chord for whole)
Bridge progression:Em C G Dx2hole each chord for whole)Note: before each chorus he holds the D for one more full measure.
Intro: Verse chords once through. Verse:
C G D GTo a boy who looks just like his mother, who's a sister to her brother who
C G D Dsings this song with that boy from far away
C G D G I am young but you are younger until speak more words then mumbles, You'll
C G D D D Dhave to lend an ear to everything i say.
G CSo be kind and love your mother and your father, though sometimes they seem
Em Dto bother come by, and you'll know
G C There the ones who'll always love you and support you, they prayed for you
Em D before you stepped foot into this world.
C..interlude is verse chords. That's one thing that I've learned. Verse:
C G D GI remember you were walking, in a month I'll hear you talking. and There's
C G D Da million things I'd love to say to you.
C G D GThough your parents, they are wiser and will be better advisers, maybe
C G D Dhearing these things twice will get them through.
G C Go and find a girl for whom your love is selfless, someone who makes you
Em D Ghelpless, to change the way you feel. But stay away from girls who always
C Em Dlook so pretty, who's hearts just aren't fitting for the man in you I see.
Em C G Dx2 its just a jam sess, no lyrics. Would you remember that for me?
G C When you find yourself alone in times of trouble, reach inside you and
Em Dabove you, there's nothing He can't heal.
G C Emif it is you do not end up with a brother, just call your older uncle,
G I can always lend an ear.
C G D G C G DD GWould you remember that for me? Would you remember that for me?
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