Ben Rector – She Is chords

She Is
Ben Rector

Capo 2

Intro: F C G Am F C G

F CShe hails from Boston
G Am FShe hates the sound that goodbyes make
C GShe loves Sundays and champagne
F CShe can't stand the winter
G Am F C GShe can't stand anything that she can't change, she can't change
F CShe is whatever she wants to be
G AmShe is a little of everything
F C GMixed up, so tough in a beautiful way
F CShe's got the world at her fingertips
G AmShe makes beauty look effortless
F C G AmAnd I want everything she is, she is, she is
F C GOh I want everything she is
F C Well we talk for hours
G AmBut she wrote the book on hard to get
F C GNo it don't matter what I say
F CI could buy her flowers
G AmBut that's just too cliché to impress
F C GA girl like her but you know I kinda like it that way
Chorus Bridge:
FAnd all I think about
CIs I can't do without
Am G FThe good, the bad, the somewhere in between
GOh because I want everything she is
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