Ben Sollee - This Is Only A Song chords

This song is simple, and I've added some of those two-note licks he likes to play when 
transitioning chords. I've only done the first verse/chorus, the rest is the same.

-Pat Song


G -> E|----------|| -> C -> E|----------|| -> D -> E|----------|| -> G B|----------|| B|----------|| B|----------|| G|----------|| G|----------|| G|----------|| D|--0-2-----|| D|----------|| D|--0-2-----|| A|----------|| A|--3-4-----|| A|----------|| E|----------|| E|----------|| E|----------||
G CI wouldn't make a sound if I wasn't so angry.
D GI wouldn't be running if it wasn't so far to go.
G CI wouldn't keep on if there wasn't something worth keepin'.
D GI want to believe that this mountain can be moved.
Em D GBut this is only a song, it can't change the world.
Etc. Etc. Enjoy
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