Benediction - Deadfall tab

Benediction- Deadfall
from Grind Bastard


Riff one:
D-----------------------------3---2--|A-2-22-22-222-2222-2-22-22----3---2--|E-0-00-00-000-0000-0-00-00--003-002--| * ** ** *** **** * ** ** ** **chords for Chorus:
E5 G5 G#5 A5 D 2 5 4 7 A 2 5 4 7 E 0 3 2 5 Then there is like a mini-solo Then there is a variation of riff one, then riff one is played. Fill:
Then there is another riff that I'm not sure of, But I think it goes like this:
A-3\4-------3\4-------3\4---------5---4---|E-1\2-22222-1\2-22222-1\2-22222-225-224---| ***** ***** ***** ** **
Then There is another short solo and thats it. Jason I am currently working on Track 8 (Shadow world) which will be done soon.
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