Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Snowship tab

Standard tuning
Capo 5th

Listen to the song to get the rythm down, you play each chord by first picking the top
string and then strumming the rest.
Iíve put some notes in () because I'm not sure if he plays them or not, either way
works, but I think with sounds best.


e|---1---1--(1)-(1)--------|B|---1---1---1---1---------|G|---2---0---0---0---------| 4xD|---3---2---0---2---------|A|-------3---2---0---------|E|-----------3-------------|
e|---1---1--(1)--(1)-------------|B|---1---1---1----1--------------|G|---0---2---0----0--------------| 2xD|---0---3---2---(2)-------------|A|---2---3---3----2--------------|E|---3-- 1-----------------------|
There's also a little thing he does at the end of each verse, it's pretty easy as far asI can tell, tried to show it below:e|---1---1--(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)--|B|---1---1---1---1---1---0---|G|---2---0---0---0---0---0---|D|---3---2---0---2---0---0---|A|-------3---2---0---2---2---|E|-----------3-------3---3---|So it's basically just adding a "G"chord at the end, and emphasizing the B-string and the changes there.
I was only looking for the treasure in the dark Not the trees and people in the middle of the park But the treasure's buried beneath years and years of time He put his hand in my hand and he told me, "Son, when they all come looking for you, where you gonna run? Your hearts wired up to the eyes in your head and they're flashing bright." Be careful what you wish for when you're young Be careful what you wish for when you're young I signed a deal with the devil and he took my soul To a room with a table in the dark and cold. I signed my name just the same as Iíd done on the line before. I was in the middle of the cliff and the sea with a ditch right behind me that the bitch couldnít see She came right at me with her teeth and her dress And they both fell of Be careful what you wish for when you're young Be careful what you wish for when you're young
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