Berry Chuck – My Ding A Ling tab

So there is one tab in G on nearly every Guitar tab page, but I haven't seen
one in E. Chuck Berry definitly says in a live version of this song, that it is
played in E, although it's not a Rock N Roll song, so the boxes have to be put down.

I'm sure that the song is played in E:

so the chords are E to A to B to E all the song repeated.

E chord:

A chord:
B chord:
to make it more interesting (chuck does so) play this at the beginning:
when the text comes in play this:
E A B EE|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----0-----0-----2-----2-----4-----4-----4-----4-----0-----0------|G|-----1-----1-----2-----2-----4-----4-----4-----4-----1-----1------|D|--2-----------2-----------------4-----------4-----2---------------|A|--------2-----------0-----2-----------2-----------------2---------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------| When I was a little biddy boy, my grandmother bought me a (make a little break to play the B part, Chuck does, too, because it's a 4/4 beat) cute little toy
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