The Black Swan tab with lyrics by Bert Jansch - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bert Jansch – The Black Swan tab

Listen to the song to get the idea

standard tuning

Riff 1|---------------------------------------0---------||--3h2------------------------------0-----0---0---||--------4------------------------2---2-----2-----||-----------4-------------------2-----------------||--2---------------2----2----0--------------------||----------------2----2---------------------------|
riff 2|----------------------------||--------------------------0-||--1-------1-----------------||--2-------2-----------------||--2-------2-------------4/5-||--0-------0-----------------|
riff 3|--0---| |--12---| listen to the recording to get the strumming|--8---| |--10---| down...|--0---| |--0----||--9---| |--11---||--10--| |--12---||--8---| |--10---| (Thumb on 6th str. for both chords)
riff 4|---------------------2--------|---------------------2------------||-----------2-----2h3----3p2---|----------2-----2h3-----3h2-------||--------4-----4-------------4-|-------4-----4---------------4----||------4-----------------------|-----4----------------------------||--2---------------------------|--0-------------------------------||------------------------------|----------------------------------|
riff 5 (free time)|----------------------------------|-------------------------------||----------------------------------|----------------2p0------------||-------3--------------------------|-------------3------3----------||---2h4---4p2h4-2h4p2-0h2--4p2p0h2-|-0--2-4---4------------4-------||----------------------------------|-------------------------------||----------------------------------|-------------------------------|
Structure: Intro: Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Verse 1:Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Break 1:Riff 1x 2 Verse 2:Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Break 2:Riff 3 x 6 Riff 4 x 1 Verse 3:Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Break 3:Riff 1x 2 Verse 4:Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Break 4:Riff 3 x 5 then first bar of riff 3... Riff 5 x 1 Verse 5:Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Break 5:Riff 1x 2 Verse 6:Riff 1 x 3 Riff 2 x 1 Outro: Riff 1 till fade... Lyrics: (since there are no actually offical lyrics for this song i had to get them by ear, and this song Bert mumbles a couple of times, so, fo a couple of lines i have no idea what says) Verse 1: Traveling on space highway, Three long years to this day. A billion million trillion miles. Home is a long, long way away. [break 1] Verse 2: From bow to stern she’s 20 miles long, Ten miles high and wide. A beautiful swan in a silent sea, No water to slow her down. [break 2] Verse 3: Sometimes it seems we’re motionless, Caught between time and space. Other tiny star systems rush headlong by. (?) Signs are bursting in the rain (?) [Break 3] Verse 4: No earthly sound can penetrate, This black and endless void. Only thoughts and dreams, Of the unborn babes, Where your body and fill your mind. [Break 4] Verse 5: Every day down those quiet canyons, Like a love that’s for the stars. And people that shop at the market place, And the ship loads ever, ever on. [Break 5] Verse 6: If ever we come to our promised land, Gotta take the shuttle (?) For the black swan never ever wants to rest Never stops to say goodbye. i think it's mostly corrent, i made use of the live version on youtube and the recording make this tab...
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